If you do a lot of laundries read on. You might find this blog interesting. Laundry can take quite some time to get done especially if you have a big family. Appliance manufacturers know this and have taken that into consideration as they design newer laundry appliances. Nevertheless, you do not have to have a smart appliance in order to make your appliance work in a smart way. If you read this blog to the end, I can show you a way to dry your clothes a lot faster.

I am going to surprise you a little by saying that drying your clothes starts inside your washer; not your dryer. You probably didn’t think about it that way. Did you? You might be thinking how in the world is that possible? The reason is that the washer reduces your clothes drying time by squeezing as many water molecules out of the clothes as possible before you take your clothes out to the dryer. Manufacturers are making newer washers that spin at a faster rate to help take water out of the clothes a lot more. If you have a high-efficiency dryer do not be afraid to use those fancy buttons placed there. They were added for a reason but if you do not have those fancy dryers that’s okay. You can still work around it.

The next stage of the drying process takes place in the dryer.  So here is the meat of the trick. Mix dry towels with the wet clothes you are about to dry. Before you do that make sure you loosen up the wet clothes if they are too tight together. Turn on your dryer and let the machine do its job. The towel tend to hold heat a little longer and can aid in the drying of your clothes.

One disadvantage of this trick is that the dry towels can take up space if you have a standard size dryer or a small dryer. For this reason, this trick works well if you do not have an excessive amount of wet washed clothes. Try this trick at home and let us know if it worked for you. We will appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading.