When the fridge goes down everything in it goes down with it. Food begins to go bad in just about 24hrs if the fridge is not replaced or fixed. Knowing what’s wrong with your fridge can help you decide whether or not to get a new one or call in a repair person to come in. There are ways to do some basic home troubleshooting to detect what is wrong with the fridge. Below are some of the common concerns most customers encounter with fridges.

[1a] Problem: The freezer part of your fridge is cooling but the bottom part is not cooling at all.

[1b] Possible Cause and Solution: It’s important to know that the cooling center of your refrigerator is in the freezer area. That’s where all the cold air in your fridge is produced.  After the cold air is produced, it is circulated to other parts. If you have a bottom freezer the air is sent to the cooling part top. There is a fan that blows the cold air to all the parts of your fridge. If that fan is not spinning, the cold air will struggle to reach every part of the fridge. In such a situation, unplug your fridge and defrost the freezer part completely. Then wait for a couple of hours to plug it back in. See if the fan blows. If the fan doesn’t blow you are going to need a new fan.

[2a] Problem: Imagine you opened your fridge to grab some milk in the cooling area and found out the milk is frozen. Items there are suppose to be cool not frozen. There is a common cause of this.

[2b] Possible Cause and Solution: The 1st thing to check is your thermostat inside the fridge. Make sure to adjust it to a level that is suitable for cooling. If the freezing persists, unplug the fridge and call a service tech as soon as possible.

[3a] Problem: Light inside the fridge is off.

[3b]  Possible Cause and Solution: The most common cause for this is a dead light bulb. Simply uninstall the bulb and replace it with a new one from an appliance store.

[4a] Problem: Refrigerator is making a strange noise.

[3b]  Possible Cause and Solution: In most cases, a refrigerator making noise does not mean it is defective. The fridge needs to kick on every now and then in order to operate or get to good working condition. Give it some time and the sound will taper off on its own.

Hope these tips were helpful. Feel free to comment below if you experienced any of these problems and tell us what the outcome was.