Appliance Trade-in


Trade Your Old Appliance For Another

Do you have an old appliance you want to get rid of, you can trade it in for a newer and better appliance. In other words, you can use your old appliance as a down payment for an upgraded appliance. To do this please bring in your old appliance with you when you are ready to buy. We can also make things easier for you by picking up your old appliance the same day we deliver your new appliance.

Please note that we cannot give you a dollar value for your old appliance unless we see it and evaluate it first. In some cases, the appliance may be worth nothing but at least we can help take it away from your home. If we determine your appliance has value we can give you some money for it. When asking for an offer please be reasonable. The same way a new car loses value significantly even if 10 miles is added to it, the same applies to appliances.

Add Value To Your Old Appliance: There are a few things you can do to raise the value of your old appliance. These tips here can help:

  • Clean your appliance and wipe them nicely
  • Add any accessories or parts that originally came with the appliance.
  • When bringing in an old refrigerator please do not lay it down in your truck. Make sure you stand it upright in your truck.
  • Add any manuals that came with it.

Note: Please try to get to the store at least 30 minutes before the store closes. Call us if you have any questions.