Appliance Wholesaling


We offer Wholesale Appliance Deals

Since Covid-19 started, many appliance stores are struggling to find appliances. If you have a store and are looking for appliances to buy wholesale let us know. We can get you a bulk of them at a fair price so you can make a good profit.

We wholesale appliances to stores in different areas in Ohio and even clients from out of state. If you have your own truck you can drive to us in Columbus, we will fill your truck with appliances with what you need. We have washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, and more.

We will offer you the best price in the market but the more you buy, the more you save. If you order from us more often we will build a special business relationship with you and find you much better deals.

Very Important: Our inventory changes frequently. It’s important that you give us a call and find out what we have available before you drive over to us especially if you live very far away. This will save you from making an unproductive trip. Also always try to get here at least 1hr before the store closes.  If you have any questions please give a call at (614) 367-1820.