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We carry used washer and dryer sets in excellent condition. Our sets come with some of the newest laundry technology and help you improve your washing cycles. Other features include settings for double rinsing, delicate wash or drying, and settings for washing tough stubborn clothes. We also sell high-efficiency used washer and dryer sets at low competitive prices. We sell washers with agitators in them and some with no agitators. Do you want a stackable washer and dryer unit? You do not have to pay those ridiculous prices for new ones when you can get a used one from us at a far lower price.

Front Loaders washers: If you want a front loader type of laundry sets, we have a lot of them available. One main advantage of front loader washers is that they do not have agitators in them so you can wash and dry more clothes at the same time.

Used Top Loaders: Top load sets are one of our best selling units at the store. They are standard and very easy to use. They seem to last a little longer than the fancy-looking high-efficiency ones.

Used Stackable Washer and Dryer Unit: If you live in an apartment area of you have very little space in your laundry area, a stackable washer and dryer will be a good option for you. These units are very spacious and because they stack on top of the other you still have room on the sides.

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Any of the brands we have at our store are brands we know have very good reputation in the market. Below are some of the washer brands we have:

  • Amana
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore
  • Samsung
  • GE
  • Maytag and more

We are always working with dealers to get good deals so we can pass some of the savings to you. Here is pricing info on our laundry sets:

  • Used Washer and Dryer Set | $399 and up
  • Used Stackable Washer + Dryer Unit | $799
  • High-Effeciency laundry Sets | $599

If you find anything cheaper with the same warranty we offer and same appliance features, let us know. We will do our best to price-match that.

All laundry sets are carefully checked and tested before we send them to the floor. Our technicians work very diligently to make sure the appliances are in great condition.

We also add a 30 Day Peace of Mind Warranty to your purchase just in case. You can buy with Peace of Mind from Columbus Appliance and Parts.

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